Five Star Amazon Review for The Flight of the Griffin!

Thanks Dianne from ‘Tome Tender Book Blog!’ 5.0 out of 5 stars Fall Into a World in Peril, Be a Hero!, October 23, 2014 By Dii (Florida) (TOP 500 REVIEWER) This review is from: The Flight of the Griffin (Kindle Edition) Five young heroes, three crystal... read more

Amazing new cover for Shadowland!

The wonderful graphic designer Adriana Hanganu of has made me this incredible new cover for Shadowland. I made the last one, which was nice but very boring and green and, let’s face it, nobody was going to pick it up to see what the story... read more

A new 5 Star Amazon Review for Chaos Storm!

CHAOS STORM – 5 STAR; HARRY POTTER AND HIS LAME SIDEKICKS FROM HOGWARTS, STEP ASIDE, A NEW CREWS IN TOWN… THE GRIFFIN CREW! – 11 September 2014 By Christopher Hepworth Format: Paperback Excellent read, hats off the man behind this gripping story and... read more

Audio version of Shadowland!

Full Audio Book Coming Winter 2014 I am so excited to be working with the wonderful Ioan Hefin on an audible book version of Shadowland! It is amazing to hear my tale told by such a wonderful voice, several chapters have been completed and we hope all will be ready... read more

New Cover for The Flight of the Griffin!

Adriana Hanganu of  Adipixdesign has made me a wonderful new cover for The Flight of the Griffin! Thanks so much Adi you are amazing! If you haven’t already, then grab a copy on Kindle in The UK or US or a paperback copy in the UK or... read more

Summer 2014 writing update.

Audible version of Shadowland – Coming Soon! Not only has Shadowland just received its 185th review on Amazon, which is a huge achievement, but later this year you will be able to download the audible version of the book.I’m so excited to be working with... read more

180th Amazon review for SHADOWLAND

Arthurian legend Shadowland has just received its 180th Amazon review!Thank you M.A.Foster!  May 27th, 2014 Impresseive! By M.A.Foster ”M,A,Foster” (the OC, CA USA) Surprising retelling of the King Arthur legend that provides a sort of prequel from... read more

The Flight of the Griffin reduced!

From 10th – 12th May you can download a kindle copy of TFOTG for just .99cents in the US or .99pence in the UK! If you haven’t got it already, how can you resist! 54 reviews on Amazon US with an average of 4.3 stars… Amazon US... read more

The Freyan Times – An interview with Bartholomew Bask

Background. In events recently described in the official report entitled, The Flight of the Griffin, Merchant Bartholomew Bask was robbed of a cache of possessions. Rightly outraged, Mr Bask is thought to have hired a professional bounty hunter to trace his goods and... read more

Happy New Year!

Okay, I know I’m a little late with that, but I’ve been having a busy time of it lately! After getting some interest in ‘Shadowland’ from a BigLondon agent (gasp!), I’ve been doing a few re-writes and changing a few things at their... read more

December Blog Tour for The Flight of the Griffin!

During December, I’ll be touring a number of different blogs, talking about my writing and trying to explain what exactly makes me tick! The tour is built around The Flight of the Griffin, but will go into all kinds of subjects from my personal travels and... read more

What a great big Griffin!

 Coming to a bookstore near you! When is the film? When is the film? Paperback – eBook US – eBook UK... read more

Welcome, welcome..

…and yes, welcome again to my nice shiny new blog and website! It’s here that I can update you on my current projects, of which I have two – the sequel to Shadowland, which has a writing title of Uther, and book three in the Griffin series…... read more

Just 6000 words, two chapters into book 4.

This one is going to be a sequel to Shadowland which is selling really well and now has 132 reviews on Amazon US with an average 4.3 stars…. so I just had to write a sequel, didn’t I? Anyhow, its great to be back with Uther, he’s a bit older and at... read more

Making a book cover from a couple of sketches….

The amazing graphic artist/designer Adriana Haganu recently completed the cover for my latest book ‘Chaos Storm’ which should be available by the end of September. She then agreed to update the cover for the first book, The Flight of the Griffin. Have a... read more

Chaos update!

The manuscript for Chaos Storm is now with my editor, the wonderful Caro and we hope to have it finished and all the rogue commas and semicolons chased out by mid to late September. Adriana has been working incredibly hard with the book cover and banners, for which... read more

Chaos Storm is coming soon!

I’ve been so busy writing over the last few months that I’ve neglected my poor blog so here is a quick update. Firstly the sequel to The Flight of the Griffin, Chaos Storm is just one chapter away from finishing. Just a wrap up of the loose ends and then... read more

The Dark ages festival of Samhain

– The summers end and coming of darkness – Tonight we’re celebrating Halloween in our own very modern way with pumpkins, parties and trick or treats galore. But to find the origins of Halloween we have to firstly go back to the early Christian festival of... read more

Latest interviews!

Read my latest interviews and read more about the mind games of a YA author at… From the Bootheel Cotton  and  Curse of Ancient ... read more

Analysis of two days FREE on Amazon…

Shadowland was a FREE download on Amazon for two days…. …So how did it go? I’ve participated in FREE days on Amazon before and, to be honest, I didn’t promote those days very well. I certainly got less than a thousand downloads for my... read more

Giveaway of Shadowland

Goodreads Book Giveaway Shadowland by C.M. Gray Giveaway ends October 31, 2012. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to... read more

My Interview on ‘I Am A Reader, Not A Writer’

Thanks ‘Inspired’ Kathy for the visit to your awesome blog! Visit ‘I Am A Reader, Not A Writer’ to read the interview and enter a giveaway for a signed copy of The Flight of the Griffin! Interview: If you were stranded on a desert... read more

Latest reviews for The Flight of the Griffin!

Latest Reviews for THE FLIGHT OF THE GRIFFIN by C.M. GRAY 1.      “Flight of the Griffin” by C.M. Gray has all the elements one could hope for from a MG/YA/Crossover fantasy adventure. Although it is about four younger boys (their ages always... read more

Another great 5 Star review for The Flight of the Griffin!

Thanks Daniel at Book-O-Matic for the following great review! Review- The Flight of the Griffin by C.M Gray In a world of excitement, danger and fantasy, four crew members of a boat called “The Griffin” begin a journey to find the three crystal skulls that... read more

Review for The Orphan Stone by Rod Tyson

The Orphan Stone by Rod Tyson is pretty much hard to put down once you start the book, just don’t get past about mid way after the hours of darkness! This can be one scary book with one nasty witch come spirit that freaks out our heroin, poor old hippy Salem. It’s a... read more

Shadowland is now available in paperback on lulu!

Shadowland is now available on lulu as a paperback! Aimed at the teen readership but also being enjoyed by adults, Shadowland was missing out on many teen readers who apparently, do not yet fuly embrace ebooks … is that right? What do you think? I’ve been... read more

Review of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins After hearing so much about The Hunger Game I finally had to give it a go. I’m really glad that I did. A great concept set in post apocolyptic North America with the young of each district having to put their names... read more

Gremlins in the words…

Like many authors I thought I had teased out all the typos, inconsistancies and wayward comas from my books, only to read with dismay that I was receiving a three star review for lack of editing! Oh my…. I hung my head in shame, I muttered dark thoughts in the... read more

The Flight of the Griffin on Kindle!

The Flight of the Griffin is now available on Amazon kindle! Living in their old boat ‘The Griffin’ five young characters become the unlikely heroes at the end of time when a burglary sets them on the path to finish the ‘Last great Spell’ – a spell to stop the... read more

Flight of the Griffin Cover Finished!

Took me ages to come up with this cover, comments would be appreciated, thanks in advance. The Flight of the Griffin will be available on amazon Kindle in the next few days. Back cover Synopsis. Living in their old boat ‘The Griffin’ five young characters become the... read more

New Cover and Formatting Issues

The new cover for Shadowland – thanks Jussy, much more dark n moody:) Formatting Issues. Like many authors I am on a big learning curve when it comes to formatting and promoting my ebooks. Uploading to the kindle program on Amazon was painless enough, that was... read more

Silver Knight

Description: A Struggle Against Evil—Love Through the Ages—A Destiny to Fulfill When seventeen-year-old Diana recognizes an elderly priest in a video on YouTube, she realizes that reincarnation is real and that she’s been alive before! Every night in her dreams, she... read more

Review of Hounded by Kevin Hearne

Hounded by Kevin Hearne is really is one of those books I wish I had written, or at least come up with the idea! If you’re an author then you know what I mean! I liked it so much that it is the first of my special reviews on this blog. So, Hounded is a well... read more

5.0 out of 5 stars If you liked the Warlord Trilogy, 28 Feb 2012 By  Vincent – See all my reviews This review is from: Shadowland (Kindle Edition) An excellent and interesting re-telling of one of historys’ great stories. Or rather the pre-story of... read more

Shadowland for review -Five ebooks to give away free!

In an effort to get a few reviews on Shadowland, I’m giving five ebooks away free to the first five people who contact me for one. I only ask that ‘if’ you like the book, you post a ‘small’ review on Amazon to help boost my profile:) So... read more

Book excerpt from Shadowland (Chapter three)

  ‘The Shadows of the Night’   Usher shivered, sneezed and then wiped a long smear of snot on the grass beside him before returning his attention to the hawthorn branch.     ‘It’s going to rain again,’ observed Cal gloomily. ‘Do... read more

Shadowland by C.M.Gray (Prologue)

Prologue – The storyteller ‘My name is Usher Vance, and mine has been a long and interesting life – or so I’ve been told before in company such as this.’ Brushing back a long strand of silver-grey hair, the old man gazed about at the small audience of... read more

Editing again ..

 Tonight I start the final edit on ‘The Flight of the Griffin’ a daunting task as I’m gunna get tough n critical about the whole thing so when you get to read it, it glows, it draws you, it transports you on a roller coaster ride to another time... read more
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