Paperback, 1st edition, 338 pages
Published October 2013 by
ISBN 978-1-291-60210-4
edition language: English
 Kindle and Paperback


One year has passed since the events described in The Flight of the Griffin, when the crystal skulls were united in Sterling Temple to complete the great spell. Popular belief is that they were brought by warrior angels, fighting the Lord of Chaos himself as they set them in place.

The flow of the seasons has returned, bringing again what promises to be a life of peace and plenty.

Matheus Hawk, however, has been busy plotting the Realm’s destruction, fanning the burning coals of his hatred for the crew of The Griffin.

A storm is fast approaching and now threatens the Realm and the lives of all who call it home. To the north, the warrior Queen Morgasta is preparing her Barbarians for invasion and now, across the desert of The Great Expanse, marches a new and greater threat – the Soul Eaters are coming and they bring with them a Chaos Storm.
The crew of The Griffin are drawn into a conflict that may cost them more than just their lives….

Book one in this series was a finalist in The Times/ChickenHouse Children’s literary fiction competition 2013… Chaos Storm is recommended for readers of 12 years plus, because being nice is no longer an option…


“This has turned out to be a really interesting fantasy series. The characters are really likeable and ones that you really care about. There is non-stop action and the book really captured my attention. I’m looking forward to the third book in the series.”·by John L.

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