The Shadow of a King

(Shadowland Book 2)

historical fantasy book

Legends of old can never fade.
The truth can never die.
The tip of a spear settles any dispute.
But the love of a King comes before all.


“Arthurian fantasy at its best!”



A Tale from the dark ages

historical fantasy book

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“Magical and moving, I couldn’t put it down” – Jacqueline Rodriguez

“Shadowland is a tensely written story about the dark days before the rise of King Arthur. Flawlessly weaving history, legend and imagination” – Vered E for Readers Favorite.

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THE SHADOW OF A KING  (05.21.2016)

Legends of old can never fade…
The truth can never die…
The tip of a spear settles any dispute…
But the love of a King, well…
that comes before all…
  King Uther Pendragon, High King of all the Celtic tribes, in his fifteenth year of rule, is set a quest by Merlyn and the Druids of Mona to brave the winter seas and set sail for the Isle of Erin.   The quest placed upon the King, despite the tribal lands being at war with Saxon invaders, is to take a war party and return with a prize that will lay to rest the ghosts of the past and allow the Celts to reclaim their lands.   However, none of those that set sail quite realise what this quest will release within their King and what events will unfold…


historical fantasy book

SHADOWLAND – A TALE FROM THE DARK AGES – historical fantasy book

We grow up with the Legend of King Arthur… but where did he come from? Who was Merlin? What part did the Druids play in bringing Arthur to his round table? This is the story that came before, when Britain was just a Shadowland…. Continue Reading “Magical and moving, I couldn’t put it down”Jacqueline Rodriguez “Shadowland is a tensely written story about the dark days before the rise of King Arthur. Flawlessly weaving history, legend and imagination”Vered E for Readers Favorite.


Shadowland – a tale from the Dark Ages





The Kingdom is dying… The Darkness is coming… the balance between Order and Chaos is rapidly shifting and the world is falling towards evil and horror, and all the misery that Chaos will bring. But there is hope…Continue Reading “This is a lovely, well written fantasy, with a fun, thrilling adventure” Times/Chicken House “A fantastic and unique story, get ready to be amazed!”YogaMo “A novel filled with plenty of mystery and intrigue”Mad Scientist

Growing old

is inevitable

growing up

is not


One year has passed since the events described in The Flight of the Griffin, when the crystal skulls were united in Sterling Temple to complete the great spell. Popular belief is that they were brought by warrior angels, fighting the Lord of Chaos himself as they set them in place… Continue Reading “This has turned out to be a really interesting fantasy series. The characters are really likeable and ones that you really care about. There is non-stop action and the book really captured my attention. I’m looking forward to the third book in the series” John L., Nov. 2013, Amazon “A thoroughly enjoyable read. I really enjoyed how some of the characters changed in the second book. I am looking forward to book three.” Meredith J. November 16, 2013, Amazon

Chaos Storm

is the crew’s biggest challenge and adventure yet, and one that I know Griffin fans are going to love!


Five Star Amazon Review for The Flight of the Griffin!

Thanks Dianne from 'Tome Tender Book Blog!' 5.0 out of 5 stars Fall Into a World in Peril, Be a Hero!, October 23, 2014 By Dii (Florida) (TOP 500 REVIEWER) This review is from: The Flight of the Griffin (Kindle Edition) Five young heroes, three crystal skulls, magic,...

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Amazing new cover for Shadowland!

The wonderful graphic designer Adriana Hanganu of has made me this incredible new cover for Shadowland. I made the last one, which was nice but very boring and green and, let's face it, nobody was going to pick it up to see what the story was...

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